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Friday Funny … Happy 4th!

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NameCrossFit Everett
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Cool down of 50 SLOW leg levers!!

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Our youngest Crossfitter joining in on the 5 min plank warm up!

Jeff Jucha published the post The New Resolve...The last new year's resolution you will make. on Tabata Times
The New Resolve. The last resolution you will make.   “Everyday you wake up, you decide...
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Holiday Hours have been posted! Be sure to check the schedule for the next couple of weeks so you can pick the slot that works best for you!

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6 days til Christmas!! -:)

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Nothing but blurs and James Brown and fancy footwork this morning with our early bird athletes. Come meet "Elizabeth" today and close out your week with a bang! Just don't drop the empty barbell. #keepmovingforward #makeithappen

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The Christmas feast wouldn’t be the same without a knock-em-dead protein on the center of the...
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[animate type="tada" duration="4" inline="yes"]Decorate your box for the Holidays - click any image...
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20141218 Wrapping up the week with this little gem. Hope to see most of you this Saturday! Strength: Back squats 1-1-1-1-1 WOD: 3 rounds (10) OHS 95/65 500m Row Cash out: 3x (10) Ab roll outs

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17DEC2014, if you know Sam well enough you know she is OCD about the colors ! Well take a gander, Stacy hitting men's weight for the deadlift nice work !!! #crossfitanacortes #stronglikebull #madgainz #shescatchingup #ohanelly #whereyabeen

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Rest Day!

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Level 1 Four sets of: Halting Front Squats x 6-8 reps @ 31X1 Rest 3 minutes Against a 10-minute running clock, complete: 1000 Meter Row —- As many rounds and reps as possible of: 20 Wall Ball Shots 10 Mountain Climbers 5 Push-Ups Level 2 Four sets …

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It's time again. | #wholelifechallenge

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We'd like to welcome and commemorate Christopher Douglas to CrossFit Amped with a rep/pound burpees penalty for leaving his weights out on his FIRST DAY! That'll be 295 reps my friend! LOL

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Hang Power Clean and Toes to Bar

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US News and World Report take a look at the sport of Weightlifting!

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Great big classes today...loved it!!! Awesome to see everyone getting a head start on their resolutions to be healthy. Keep up the awesome work CFP!!!!!

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CrossFit X Factor posted an article
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Friday Deloading Dec19th/wods/tier-2

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Khalia joining in class! Nice hops Aaimee!!

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Inside look at this block's training and advice about warming up with Coach Madoc.

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Bridgetown CrossFit posted an article
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Week 1 Thursday

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Keep pushing the limits everyday. It's what we do at CFCK. | Run. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

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Look at this beautiful strong mama to be! We are all so excited for you Jen!

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Level 1 Three sets, not for time, of: Kipping Pull-Ups x 10-15 reps Box Jumps x 10-15 reps Double-Unders x 30-40 reps In teams of two, alternate sets to complete four each of: Dumbbell Complex x 4 reps 400 Meter Run Dumbbell Complex = 3 Hang Power …

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Scores for the WOD "Row and Run" on Wednesday December 17 have been posted

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Scores for the WOD "4x2 Front Squat @ 85%" on Wednesday December 17 have been posted

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Scores for the WOD "4x2 Push Press @ 85%" on Wednesday December 17 have been posted

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Enjoy your rest day tomorrow! You have definitely earned such a day with the hard work you have been doing. Still make sure to stretch, roll out or even do a light workout to keep the fluids moving. Invest in some body work or getting adjusted can pay dividends. All the best to you and we so appreciate all your intense work!

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Thursday 12/18/2014 WOD

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Tomorrow's WOD Skill: Burgener warmup followed by 5x5 touch and go snatch at 65-70% Workout 21-15-9 DB Snatch 35/55 Box jumps 20/24 Kb swings 55/70

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WarmUp Run or Row 400m BandyHam+QuickHip 3 Rounds 7 PushUp 7 StrictTTB 14 Lunge+Twist WarmUp DeadLift 1) EMOM7 DeadLift x 3 Reps @60-70% of 1RM 2) "Karen" ForTime 150 WallBalls 20/14# Cool Roll CFBurn (9am, 6:30pm)

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Yes we have a second floor to our great facility! Up here is the den we do handstand push-ups:)

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Go team!

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68th out of 148 in OPEX winter classic...not unhappy....mostly young guns

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